The Healer of Wounded Souls


Hope Evans is a dedicated nurse with a passion for healing others and she uses these talents while working in a large metropolitan hospital. She believes she has a near perfect existence until a drunken driver, speeding through a stop light, changes life as she knows it forever.

The Healer of Wounded Souls cover

Standing next to her now broken body, Hope watches as emergency medical personnel try valiantly to revive her. She feels someone tap her shoulder and turns to meet a beautiful angel waiting to escort her to her new home on the Other Side.  As preparations are made to begin her life review, Hope is introduced to various spiritual advisors who present her with an unexpected dilemma.   She must choose to end her life or return to earth to become a healer of those who suffer from various wounds – physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual.

She elects to return to earth to determine how best to serve others.  During her journey of discovery, support arrives in the form of a former Army military intelligence pilot as well as a rescued German shepherd dog.   Together they team up to help wounded warriors – those young people who sacrificed much in the service of their country.

Not everyone is happy that Hope has been granted the ability to heal wounded warriors and she finds that her efforts are often thwarted.   Many obstacles present themselves in the form of bombings, kidnappings, and attempts on her life as well as the lives of those who assist her.  Who is to blame for all this trouble?  Could it be fanatic terrorist groups who have pledged to destroy the United States? Or is it a government agency jealous of her proven abilities? Or will she discover it is the military with orders coming from the highest level of the Department of Defense attempting to stop her?

In this suspense-filled novel, Hope must confront and overcome her enemies or forever forego her commitment to be The Healer of Wounded Souls.

A portion of all profits from the work, The Healer of Wounded Souls, will be given to the charity, Wounded Warriors.  The book is available for distribution the end of October 2013 through the Bush Publishing Company.

Speeding through several traffic lights just as they turned from yellow to red, Hope Evans kept looking at the clock in her car while muttering under her breath.  She had recently moved to the second shift as a nursing supervisor at a busy city hospital but for some reason she was having trouble adjusting to this new work schedule.  Once more she had let time slip by during her day without a thought to arriving at work on time.  This was a becoming a problem for her and she really detested being late for anything but she especially disliked being late for work.

She made a hasty turn into the parking lot adjacent to the hospital and was lucky enough to find an open spot.   Hope had worked at this hospital for seven years so she knew all the shortcuts to help her shave a few valuable minutes off the walk to her assigned floor.  She calculated how late she would be and in which direction to proceed to get to her station in the briefest amount of time.   She climbed out of her car, locked the doors, and double checked the lock after collecting her lunch bag, her purse and jacket as well as a bag of books she wanted to share with several of her nurses.  Loaded down with all of these belongings, she hurried towards the sidewalk to the light at the intersection of the busy street to press the walk button.  She looked at her watch, shaking her head in disgust at the time.  She was already late for the patient report which was a vital part of her work.  It was important that each nurse would be updated on each patient’s status assigned to their particular daily case load.  Being the supervisor meant that she must be aware of all the patients assigned to the floor not just a few people.  Quickly checking up and down the busy street, she decided to risk crossing at the crosswalk without waiting for the signal.

Hope took several steps into the intersection before realizing that a car was racing through the traffic light without stopping.  She glanced up just in time to see it barreling down on her but her body seemed frozen in the moment and she could not move.   The last thing that she could see clearly was a blur of the color red as the car hit her and threw her limp body high up into the air.  When witnesses described the accident to the police, they spoke of the speed of it all and the horrible sickening noise her body made when it hit the pavement.  To Hope, the scene was being played out in slow motion.  Her body, as it was being hit with such force, appeared to be suspended in the air.   Time seemed to be played out in minutes not the mere seconds which it took for the impact to occur.

She tried to scream but her voice was stifled in her throat.  She tried to stop herself from falling to the ground but she could not keep her hands away from her face.  She could taste blood welling up in her mouth.  She smelled the strong scent of alcohol as the driver bent over her body to try to assist her.  She heard others calling for help.  An onlooker threw a coat over her to try to keep her warm and held her hand to encourage her to hold on until medical help arrived.

Someone must have alerted the hospital of the accident because a flurry of activity descended upon the street.  Hope saw the emergency personnel from the hospital race to pick up her inert body and place it on a back board before transferring her to a gurney.   She was no longer a participant in this drama but rather she was an on-looker.  Hope followed the cart as her bloodied broken body was wheeled into the emergency room.  She watched as staff doctors and nurses worked frantically over her still, lifeless form.   As Hope viewed each procedure being performed by the emergency workers, her spirit became lighter and more weightless.  She felt someone tap her on her shoulder and she turned to see who it was.   A glowing white light flowed from the figure next to her in the room.  An angel, dressed in a pale yellow gown, beckoned to Hope to follow.   She did as requested and turned to follow the angel out of the room and into the light.


Hope walked with the angel up a slight incline while her spirit seemed to grow more buoyant with each step taken.   She looked down at the nursing scrubs she always wore and they had been replaced by a long white Grecian-style gown.  In place of her work clogs, iridescent sandals were now strapped to her feet.  Hope had always been considered an attractive woman but in these surroundings her beauty seemed to intensify.

Her hair was no longer pinned at her neck in a knot but it was loose and billowing in soft curls past her shoulders as if a deep brown cloud.  Her eyes were large and expressive, the color of dark chocolate, rimmed with long black lashes.  Her face was heart-shaped with pink staining her lips and cheeks. Her olive-toned skin seemed to glow with an inner radiance.  She was a tall, willowy woman who tended to do things quickly and efficiently which was an asset in her chosen profession.  Hope had a quick temper when thwarted but she had been trying to control that aspect of her personality.

She thought “I wish I would have known that I was going to die today.  I am barely thirty-five years old and I guess I believed I would live a much longer time.  I thought I would have the opportunity to make amends before I had to face God.  If only I had known today would be my last day on earth I would have tried to do more to correct my faults.  I should have controlled my temper.  I should have been more patient. I would not have been so stubborn and so hard-headed. I would have done more for others. What am I going to say when He asks me how I lived my life?”

In a semi-joking manner, Hope looked over at the angel and said “I hope God is in a good mood today.  I would have done things a little differently if I would have known that today was my last day on earth.”  The angel just smiled.

“So much for making small talk with this angel, I hope that there will be someone who will be a little more empathetic and understanding of my plight.”

She returned to her thoughts and as she took longer strides than most women she and the angel arrived at their destination very quickly.

Hope was met outside a large marble building by a small group of people.  They escorted her up a massive granite staircase and into a room filled with the scent of lavender and lilacs.  The space glowed with a subtle golden light radiating all the colors of the rainbow.  In the center of the room was a large round table surrounded with comfortable looking overstuffed arm chairs.  She was offered a seat and sat down to patiently wait. One by one each person was introduced and a description of their association with Hope was given.   She listened carefully, intent on trying to memorize each person’s name and their particular job.

Once the pleasantries were over, the leader of the group, an older man named Henry asked if she had any questions.

“I would like to know where I am and what it is you want from me.” Hope replied.   The group exchanged knowing glances which only served to heighten Hope’s curiosity.

Henry spoke slowly as if carefully choosing his words “Hope, you have been in a very bad accident and you are now in the transition stage between life and death.   We are seated in the great Hall of Records which you have visited many times in the past.  It is the place which holds the Akashic records.  Those records contain all knowledge of the human experience from the very beginning of time which includes all which you have been and all that you will be.”

He paused “You are being offered an opportunity to return to your world to live out your life or to end that life now.  However, it is not quite as simple as it sounds.  God, the source of all which exists, wants to know if you will consider returning to earth to become a healer of those who have wounded souls.  This task will not be easy to do and it will be filled with pain.  You must realize that you will endure much suffering during this time.  If you choose to go back, it is solely your decision.  If you choose to stay with us, we will proceed to your life review. If you agree to do what is asked of you and return to earth, it must be soon.”

“Why am I being chosen for this task, Henry?” Hope asked.

Henry stared deeply into Hope’s eyes “You should know that you have been and will be once again God’s instrument – an intermediary if you will – so that many may be healed. You will give others a way to balance their souls so that they may move to higher levels of consciousness.  All people must learn that the truth lies not in the physical but rather in the spiritual.  What do you want to do Hope?”

Hope stared at him with a confused look on her face.  “I thought that I was killed in the accident when I walking into my work.  How can I go back to earth and fulfill the purpose that has been asked of me?”

Henry smiled and patted her hand “All will be well, you will see.  You are aware that God is capable of many wondrous acts. The moment of the accident has been frozen in time on earth so that you may continue to live.  You will be placed in a special sleep while your body is repaired.  During this time more information will be given to you regarding your purpose and this mission.  When it is time, you will begin again. The question still requires an answer ‘Will you do what God asks of you’?”

Hope nodded her head “I would never refuse so yes, I will do what He has asked of me. When will these events happen?”

“Because you have agreed to do this great task, it has already begun.” Henry replied.

All of Hope’s senses dimmed as she felt her body spiral downward in her return to earth.  Hope felt a huge thump as her spirit entered her lifeless body while the team of medical personnel continued to struggle to bring her back to life.   As she felt her spirit reunite with her body, the heart monitor again showed activity and her vital signs stabilized.   The team of doctors and nurses who had been working so diligently to restore life in Hope collectively breathed a sigh of relief at the outcome and started to cheer.

Hope, however, did not feel the sense of relief which the others were experiencing.  She felt alone and disconnected to the joy she had experienced on the Other Side if only for such a brief amount of time.  She was now aware of the pain which wracked her entire body to its very core.  She could hear what the medical team was saying but she could not communicate with them to make them realize she understood.  She was unable to open her eyes, move her fingers or utter a single sound.