About The Author

I am a survivor of spousal abuse and I write about this topic from a uniquely personal experience aspect in my book, Circles in Time.  I have completed extensive research on the phenomena of professional women unable to break free from their abusers along with other issues regarding spousal abuse and domestic violence.  I am  available to conduct presentations on various topics but especially on domestic violence in order to educate others about this situation.

I am beginning my second career as a writer, author and lecturer.  I have recently had my first novel, Circles in Time, published by Tate Publishing.  I continue to write and I recently had published my second book, The Healer of Wounded Souls.  I am currently working on three additional novels, one non-fiction work, a series of children’s books on character development as well as a series of fantasy children’s books for my young grandson.

I am a retired educator with over thirty-two years in the field with a background as a teacher, a special education coordinator as well as a district level administrator for students with disabilities.  I have given educational seminars to thousands of educators in the areas of special education, behavior management and grant writing.  I have also served as an adjunct faculty member teaching coursework in special education and behavior management at the university level. I now write for an on-line publication on topics in special education to keep abreast of various educational updates as well as write short stories for an on-line magazine.

My desire to write started long ago – probably in elementary school.  I love to read and I could always be found with a book in my hands.  I like many authors who write in various genres.  I especially love some of the classic writers like the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen.  When I find a book I enjoy I tend to read it many times.  I have always marveled at the author’s ability to paint a picture in the reader’s mind with words so I vowed that someday I would write my own novel.

I majored in art history and English during my college years but like so many liberal arts majors, was unable to find work after graduation.  After several stints as a well-educated waitress, I returned to school to get my master’s degree in special education.  After being hired as a teacher, I used my talents in writing to create curriculum for students with special needs.  I found my time for more creative writing to be strictly limited especially after I became a single mother.  Once I was able to retire from teaching, I again found the opportunity to spend time on my passion.

I write in the genre of fiction but in my first book and my newest manuscript (soon to be my second book) I employ a spiritual/metaphysical bent to add some uniqueness to my work.  My writing (maybe because of my lengthy time as a teacher) tends to teach the reader about important lessons which need to be learned.  I made the choice to write in this genre because I feel drawn to help others through my stories.  I believe that I have found my purpose in my work of writing fiction which includes moral lessons to enhance the storyline.

The challenges I have faced are those of many authors – trying to spend time writing new work while marketing the published work.  I try to write for several hours each day and as you would expect some days are better than others in regards to the quality of my work.  Many days I sit at the computer with a blank screen begging for help to find the words.  Other days the words just pour out of me.

My newest book, The Healer of Wounded Souls, is a novel about a young woman who is involved in a terrible accident.  She believes she has died but she is asked to return to earth as a healer by her spiritual guides.  She agrees to do this and chooses to heal wounded warriors.  The heroine, Hope, is assisted in her work by a retired military intelligence officer and a German shepherd dog.  A couple of government agencies are not happy about her abilities, nor are several terrorist groups and they continue to try to thwart her efforts.  The story is a fictional thriller with spiritual lessons to be learned.   I think you will find this work to be very riveting and very relevant to current world events.   The plot twists and turns to keep the reader engaged and wondering how the story will end.

Please visit my site often so that you may view updates on my work.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me.

Diane Adams Taylor